Having a mobile refrigerator with you on the go means that you need an efficient and time-saving solution to best access your goods at any given time. Our cold storage refrigerators are fully selfcontained, walk-in units that can be hitched and towed by a regular car or light-duty truck.

The refrigerators can carry up to 1.5 ton (3,000 lb) of product and can maintain the required temperatures of up to 32°F. The standard mobile refrigerator runs on a 1 hp compressor, which can be plugged into a normal 110V plug.

Mobi-Fridge are specialist manufacturers of cold storage refrigerators and we can provide our clients with dedicated solutions to meet your refrigeration needs. We offer a wide range of mobile cold storage units best suited to your budget, priced from $2,000 upwards.

Mobile cold storage is the ideal budget-friendly option!

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